45 Examples Of The Best Hinge Prompts For Guys: Get More Matches Today

Written by: Michael Williams



Stepping into the world of online dating can appear daunting, but armed with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be. Hinge is one of the leading dating app in North America, boasting over 23 million users .

The platform puts emphasis on generating quality conversations by designing prompts that allow you to express your authentic self.

With women receiving nearly 17 times as many messages as men on dating services, it's important for guys to have top-notch prompts on their profile to generate more in-bound messages which increases their chances of finding success.

It's also worth noting that not all male users on Hinge receive an equal number of likes. The following details demonstrate the uneven spread of likes amongst users, underscoring the significance of enhancing your profile:

Distribution of likes sent on the dating platform Hinge, shows the ratio of likes men  receive based on their profile ranking, made by Adept Dating

Below we'll cover what are the best Hinge prompts for guys to be using on their profile along with giving, top-tier responses so you can up-level your dating profile.

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How Do You Write A Good Hinge Prompt?

Embarking on the digital dating experience with Hinge but finding yourself stuck on how to craft that perfect response to a prompt?

“The best way to approach responding to Hinge prompts is a combination of authenticity, humor, and creativity. Showcase who you really are, don’t shy away from adding a bit of wit, and let your personality shine through your words.”

Injecting humor into your responses can not only highlight your delightful personality, but it also makes your profile more engaging and memorable. The rule here is that the joke must be light-hearted and inoffensive. Putting people at ease with your wit and humor automatically boosts your appeal.

Pepper your responses with personal details. Sharing tidbits about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams, or mundane daily activities shows authenticity and makes it easier for others to find common interests. Hinge users who share more about their personal interests in their responses are 15% more likely to receive a like. 

Furthermore, 90% of Hinge users say they're open to a relationship , and providing a sense of who you are as a person is crucial to understanding if there's commonality between both parties.

Remember, dating apps like Hinge are not just about impressing potential matches with personal accomplishments or exciting snapshots of your life - they are about fostering genuine connections. 

By picking prompts that allow for a deeper conversation, you give your potential match an opportunity to engage with you on a more personal level, broadening the scope for compatibility and mutual interests. 

So, when selecting prompts, think beyond what makes you look good, and consider what could serve as launch points for immersive, meaningful conversation.

Below, we're going to delve into how to effectively respond to Hinge prompts to make your profile work for you. Whether it's showcasing your passions, interests, or your quirky side, these strategies will help you craft a profile that's genuinely you and successfully engaging to your potential matches. 

A man drafting new hinge prompts for his dating profile

Examples Of Top-Tier Hinge Prompts

Now that we've covered the basics of writing a good Hinge profile, let's explore some concrete examples. In the following section, we'll walk through a variety of Hinge prompts and provide you with standout responses. These will serve as inspiration and a guide to creating your own compelling Hinge responses. So, if you're ready, let's dive in!

Prompt 1: "The Way to Win Me Over Is..." 

Ranked as the best prompt by Hinge themselves, this one is great because it lets you share what you value or appreciate in a relationship or partner. 

It not only gives potential matches insight into what you’re looking for, but it also opens a perfect avenue for them to initiate conversation based on shared interests or respond with a joke to a non-serious prompt (if applicable).

Here are ten possible responses:

  1. "You don't squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the container"
  2. "Surprise me with your cooking skills. I'm always looking for a new dish to try!"
  3. "Not belonging to a cult"
  4. "A perfectly crafted cocktail, please submit your submission here"
  5. "A partner who will also pet every cute dog we encounter on the sidewalk"
  6. "Reveal a hidden geeky side. I love deep discussions about sci-fi movies and video games."
  7. "Spontaneous road trips. Nothing beats travelling and discovering new places together.
  8. "Join me on my morning runs, I love any chance to spend time outdoors!"
  9. "Wow me with your knowledge about Pembroke Welsh Corgis"
  10. "Ask me about the story attached to my [whichever number is applicable] photo."

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Prompt 2: "My Simple Pleasures"

This is an excellent prompt that allows guys to truly shine and express their individuality. By responding to this prompt, you can share the small things that make you happy or bring satisfaction—an excellent way to reveal personality and character in a light-hearted manner. 

Plus, it's an opportunity to incorporate a bit of humor, further appealing to prospective matches who appreciate a good laugh.

Here are nine possible responses:

  1. "Watching old sitcoms in my PJs. Friends reruns, anyone?"
  2. "Perfectly cooked steak with a side of charming conversation."
  3. "Running... away from adulthood responsibilities."
  4. "Exploring music playlists; more specifically, scouting for the worst songs ever."
  5. "Tinkering with electronics. And by 'tinkering,' I mean sometimes breaking them."
  6. "Eating the corners of a brownie pan. Someone's gotta do it."
  7. "Late-night drives, preferably not to a fast-food joint."
  8. "Attempting fancy culinary recipes. Emphasis on 'attempting'."
  9. "Mowing the lawn...and pretending it's a zen garden."

Prompt 3: "Typical Sunday"

Exploring the "Typical Sunday" prompt on Hinge offers an engaging way to give insight into your lifestyle and values. 

This can facilitate conversation as potential matches might identify with your routine or find your unique habits intriguing. It’s a window into your world that offers a chance to showcase your personality through humor and detail. 

At the same time, it may also provide connection points for potential dates, sparking curiosity and engaging conversations.

Here are ten possible responses:

  1. "Doing laps in my local park… in a Godzilla costume."
  2. "Testing my breakfast-in-bed skills. Volunteers are always appreciated."
  3. "Trying to become a DIY master, one failed YouTube tutorial at a time."
  4. "Fighting my dog for the last slice of pizza… she usually wins."
  5. "Sketching caricatures of the random passerby from my window. Their imaginary stories are wild."
  6. "Reading a new book each week while sipping on homemade iced tea."
  7. "Attempting to set a new record in how fast I can solve a Rubik’s cube."
  8. "Finding new hiking spots or getting lost. Same difference."
  9. "Cooking a new recipe and either enjoying a great meal or ordering a pizza."
  10. "Jamming out on my guitar or driving my neighbors crazy, depends on who you ask."

Prompt 4: "I'm Overly Competitive About..." 

The prompt "I'm overly competitive about..." opens up a realm of possibilities for showcasing personality in a lighthearted way. 

This idea serves to bring out the playful side of guys, allowing them to demonstrate a fun part of their character while also presenting an opportunity to disclose something new about themselves. 

Remember though, this is not the place to brag about your marathon time, keep things light and upbeat to prompt a casual conversation that can smoothly convert into a date.

Here are ten possible responses:

  1. "I'm overly competitive about the speed at which I can finish a pizza. My personal record stands at 5 minutes."
  2. "Arguing about which Star Trek captain is the best. Team Kirk all the way!"
  3. "Monopoly. Seriously, don't even think about landing on my Park Place."
  4. "Re-enacting entire Monty Python scenes, verbatim."
  5. "Getting every word correct in the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody."
  6. "My green thumb outshines any other in the neighborhood. Zygo Cactus, anyone?"
  7. "Nailing the perfect homemade cappuccino. Baristas, eat your heart out!"
  8. "Beating my own high score on my favorite arcade game - Pac-Man."
  9. "Perfecting the art of dad jokes. Just wait till I get started."
  10. "Becoming fluent in new languages. Currently on my fifth, hola, comment ça va? Guten tag, ciao!"

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Prompt 5: "Together We Could" 

The "Together we could" prompt on Hinge carries the potential to ignite imagination and create an environment for shared experiences. It's a great conversation starter since it allows you to forecast a future with your potential match, no matter how wildly fictional or realistically probable. 

Another advantage of this prompt is it provides a great opportunity for guys to incorporate humor, reveal their interests, and demonstrate creativity — all in a context that includes the other person.

  1. "Finish an entire Netflix show in a weekend. Stakeout at the snack aisle essential!"
  2. "End up being the new Bonnie and Clyde, but for ice cream shops instead of banks. Disclaimer: I pay for all my ice cream!"
  3. "Train for a marathon. And by marathon, I mean a TV show binge-watching marathon."
  4. "Form the world's second best shower singing duo. I'd grace you with my best renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody."
  5. "Fulfill my dream of becoming a competitive ping pong player. (Side note, I'm terrible at ping pong)"
  6. "Together we could create the funniest 'how we met' story to tell our friends. Spoiler Alert: It involves a llama, two kites, and a mistaken karaoke booking."
A couple who met each other from the online dating app Hinge

What Hinge Prompt Gets The Most Responses?

Although you might be looking for a silver bullet, there's no one-size-fits-all answer, as various elements play a part. 

It's crucial to understand that the success of a prompt lies in its ability to engage, entertain, and give insight into your personality. This often hinges (pun intended) on your ability to incorporate humor and a dash of intrigue into your responses, foregoing an overtly serious approach.

Humor has a way of capturing attention, demonstrating your lighthearted nature, and making your profile a memorable one. At the same time, revealing bits about your hobbies, interests, or quirky traits paints a vivid picture of who you are, enticing potential matches. 

The goal here is not to simply aim for the most responses, but to foster memorable exchanges that resonate with the right conversational partners. 

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From crafting an attractive profile, building the perfect prompts, acing your first date and everything else in-between— we've got you covered!

What Makes A Good Hinge Profile?

While we would recommend readers check out our comprehensive ebook on the subject , below are a few key high level comments to help you build an attractive Hinge profile that generates lots of matches.

First and foremost, your photo selection plays a crucial role. A diverse mix of high-quality photographs is key to communicating important information about who you are. Choose pictures of you enjoying your hobbies, spending time in your favorite places, showcasing your style, and generally presenting who you are.

Be sure to include a couple of appealing photos of you solo to showcase your persona, alongside a few with friends or loved ones to demonstrate your sociability. This strategy creates a well-rounded impression.

The second cog in the wheel of setting up a great profile is the spectrum of your prompt responses. Yes, your answers should be funny and charming, but you also want to display depth and substance by sharing insights about your values, views, and interests.

This is your chance to let your personality shine through, so be genuine and reflective in your responses. And remember, sprinkling a little humor here and there can certainly make your profile more appealing.

Lastly, aim to craft a vibe that resonates with your personality, but also evokes a sense of fun and approachability. This vibe is the overall emotional impression that your profile leaves. It’s an amalgamation of your pictures, prompt responses, and any additional information you share.

Looking for tips for Tinder? Check out our guide on how to write a funny bio so you can can succeed across all the dating apps.

In Conclusion

And there you have it, gentlemen! A dating app prompt isn't simply an 'add on' to your profile, but a peek into your personality that will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Treat it as an opportunity to express your genuine self. Whether it's a fun fact, an adorable quirk, or a shared hobby, ensure your uniqueness shines through each response. Hopefully this has given you insight into how to create the best hinge prompt for guys and you can start crushing the dating apps!

Remember, authenticity and positive energy are attractive currencies in the online dating world. Almost 65% of Hinge users are more likely to respond to unique and thoughtful answers to prompts, so be sure to put an adequate amount of time and thought into your profile to begin your journey of winning hearts confidently with that polished Hinge profile. 

Good luck!