Boost Your Tinder Game: How To Get More Matches and Likes Without Paying

Written by: Michael Williams



Welcome to the fast-paced, competitive world of Tinder - a realm of swipes where first impressions are everything, especially for men. It's a dire situation for men in the world of online dating, only 1.6% of swipes by men on Tinder result in a match. 

To stand out amongst millions of profiles, it requires more than just a handsome photo, it's about crafting a profile that beams personality and exudes confidence. If you feel like you're lost in the online dating shuffle, fear not, we're here to turn the tables around just for you.

On Tinder, where men substantially outnumber women, it's crucial for guys to spruce up their profiles to attract attention. Know that you're not alone in this - that's why we've got your back! In this article, we're going to walk you through a straightforward yet comprehensive guide on how to make your Tinder profile more appealing. 

From your photo selection to crafting a witty bio, your interests, age, height, and more, we'll cover all elements. Whether you're looking for a serious relationship or a casual fling, we'll help you set the right tone to get more likes and matches.

While there are paid memberships on Tinder promising extra boosts ( some priced at an eye-watering amount ), their true value isn't that straightforward. Before reaching for your wallet, let's take a deep dive into demystifying these supposed magic beans. 

By the end of this guide, not only will you be an all-around online dating champ, but you'll also know whether those premium options are worth your hard-earned money.

With women receiving nearly 17 times as many messages as men on dating services, it's important for guys to have top-notch prompts on their profile to generate more in-bound messages which increases their chances of finding success.

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Why You May Be Barely Getting Any Likes On Tinder Today

One key reason why you may not be getting as many likes as you'd want is because Men outnumber women on the platform 3:1. This means women have more profiles to swipe through and, subsequently, men face stiffer competition. 

Furthermore, studies have also shown that, on average, men are more likely to swipe right ( 46% of the time ), while women are more discerning ( only 15% of the time ), which only intensifies this issue.

Now, it's worth considering the damage an incomplete or poorly-developed profile can inflict on your journey towards finding a match. Skimping on essential profile details such as your interests, age, or height is doing a disservice to your virtual self.

You are not sorcery, but a person with unique qualities that someone else may find attractive. Incomplete profiles can convey a negative impression about your seriousness in seeking meaningful connections. 

Evidence shows that having fewer than six photos on your page is correlated with receiving less likes on your profile. Furthermore, a blurry or outdated profile picture is almost as detrimental as no picture at all, vastly limiting your chances of being swiped right. 

A man updating his Tinder profile to get more likes on Tinder

Understanding the Tinder Algorithm: The Game Behind the Likes

Another potential factor is the intricate Elo-based algorithm used by Tinder. The algorithm was first developed for chess players back in 1939 and is commonly used in video games to match players with similar skill levels. 

This algorithm ranks profiles based on their swipe history with other profiles, which in turn affects how often your profile appears to potential matches.

Below is a visual to help illustrate how the Elo system operates:

An explanation of the elo system on Tinder using a chess match as an example

The Essential Elements of a Strong Tinder Profile

Lads, if you're here, you've recognized the significance of standing out in the vast Tinder universe, and today we're going to delve deeper into exactly how you can do just that. 

Similar to tailoring a CV for a coveted job, crafting an impeccable Tinder profile involves highlighting your strengths, authenticity and distinguishing features. Let's roll! 

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Interesting and Humorous Bio

First things first, your bio. We have a another guide on the indricacies of crafting the perfect bio, so we'll keep things brief here.

This is the elevator pitch of dating apps, the space where you sell your personality in a few concise sentences. Keep it captivating, real, and slightly humorous. Casual humor connects people because it showcases a relatable personality. 

However, avoid overdoing it as your profile isn’t a stand-up routine. Just show that you don't take yourself too seriously all the time.

Details that Define You

Next is filling out personal details. Think of characteristics and interests that make you unique. Are you into hiking, a bookworm, pizza aficionado or guitar maestro? Mentioning these helps potential matches find common ground or spark a conversation! 

If you both went to the same college or have visited each other's home towns, this is an easy way to get the conversation flowing. Remember that humans love commonalities, and if people can find a few from a quick glance at your profile then you're on the right track.

Including your height isn't mandatory, but women here tend to agree , including this detail is important in evaluating a potential match. And honest age disclosure is a must. Honesty encourages trust right out of the box, and yeah, your age is just a number. 

This also isn't the time to get overly generous with your rounding of either figure. We've heard plenty of stories of guy's rounding up on their height, only to find their date shows up and feel misled.

On the note of being careful, consider the details you reveal concerning your political or religious beliefs. While these elements are a part of who you are, they can be divisive topics in the world of online dating.

Political and religion-based discussions are often expanded upon and understood better in person, and rarely swipe-right triggers. A better strategy is saving those conversations for later dates, allowing for a more nuanced picture of each party's beliefs. 

But remember, never on the first date – it's a time to connect and find common ground, not address potentially divisive issues.

Simply put, honesty will go the distance here, a lie about your height might get a few extra likes on your profile, but if it results in a flop of a date then what have you really accomplished? 

Impressive, Authentic Pictures

We’ve saved the best for the last: your pictures. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Your photos are the first things a user sees before diving into your bio and interests. 

Make sure you upload high-quality, clear, and attractive pictures. Include a variety of shots like a close-up, a full-length picture, one of you enjoying your hobby, and maybe a group shot to show your social side. But please, no blurry, bathroom selfies or outdated pics!

Ironically, despite their prevalence and popularity, selfies tend not to perform well on dating apps, including Tinder. Aside from often being poor in quality, selfies may give the impression of being self-absorbed or lacking social connections. Instead of leaning on that front camera, opt for more candid, engaging photos reflecting the well-rounded man you are. 

Photos of you with friends can showcase your sociable personality, while photos engaged in hobbies provide a window into your interests and passions. A good portrait shot, perhaps professionally taken, can also enhance the quality of your profile, reflecting a kind of seriousness and dedication. 

Keep in mind, ladies appreciate seeing a man from different facets of his life. And remember, authenticity is key. Let your pictures tell your story.

Pictures in a natural setting go down well too - they’re less staged than the gym selfie and reveal more about your lifestyle. The golden hour (right before sunset) is generally the best time of day to snap an outdoor picture as there's enough natural lighting to illuminate your picture without awkward glares or shadows getting in your way.

Of course, often authenticity can become a concern on such platforms. To assure your potential matches that you're genuinely the person they're seeing in the photos, consider becoming photo-verified. 

It's quite simple: Tinder prompts you to pose in a specific way, you take a selfie in that pose and submit it. Within a few moments, their team verifies your picture, and voila – you've just earned yourself a blue checkmark on your profile! Tinder states this simple two minute exercise alone increases a profile's chance to match by 10% —if you aren't verified now go change that for an instant boost!

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Are Tinder Subscriptions Worth The Price?

It's important to remember that whilst Tinder Subscriptions such as Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold could potentially earn you more matches by artificially increasing your profile's Elo score, there are other relevant, non-monetary ways to enhance your profile's success.

These subscriptions indeed provide a slight early boost, add your profile to a prioritized queue, and also enable you some super likes and rewinds, yet let's not forget that the essential nature of dating apps like Tinder is connection - and connecting is more than just algorithms and pay-to-play tactics. 

No matter how many 'extra features' a paid subscription may offer you, it essentially comes down to the authenticity of your profile.

You're likely to attract more likes if you invest your energy in optimizing your profile, then paying for a subscription. This includes crafting a humorous and engaging bio, using recent pictures, and incorporating straightforward details such as your interests, height, and age. 

A well-rounded, truthful, and engaging profile is a sure-fire way to increase your chances of matching with someone who genuinely connects with what you have to offer.

In summary, while Tinder subscriptions do provide some advantages, with the right profile optimization, you can easily make your presence felt and get the desired results, entirely free of cost.

A couple who met each other from the online dating app Tinder

How Many Tinder Likes Does Each User Get?

It's important to know how many likes you're actually working with on Tinder. For free members, your pool of potential likes replenishes every 12 hours, equating to a total of 100 likes per day. 

However, if you've upgraded your account with a Tinder subscription, you're offered an 'unlimited' likes feature. This can feel like a power boost, enhancing your chances of matching.

However, despite this apparent abundance, it's a common misconception that more swipes result in more matches. There's more at play than simply quantity. Excessive swiping can actually negatively impact your 'Elo' score, a unique ranking algorithm used by Tinder that adjudicates your visibility on the platform. 

So, while having the ability to like without limit might seem beneficial, it's vital to use this feature judiciously, focusing more on creating meaningful matches than increasing your swipe count.

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From crafting an attractive profile, building the perfect prompts, acing your first date and everything else in-between— we've got you covered!

Next Steps: What To Do Once You've Scored More Likes on Tinder

Now that you've begun to attract more likes and matches on Tinder, it's crucial to maintain the momentum. 

A promising start is to dive headfirst into engaging conversations. Short and sweet messages help break the ice; however, don't shy away from deep, rewarding discussions which will allow you and your match to discover shared passions and interests. 

Striking the perfect balance between easy and profound conversation will give you an edge in revealing your personality.

Remember, curiosity is the fuel for compelling exchanges, so don't hesitate to ask authentic questions. It shows that you're interested and gives them an opportunity to open up - a key thing to look for in any budding rapport. 

Avoid overthinking and remember, the goal is to learn more about them and share more about you.

On the digital platform, speed often makes the difference between success and losing the game. Don't let too much time slip by before responding to messages. Wait too long, and they may lose interest or assume you're not serious. You're looking to achieve a rhythmic back and forth, creating a sense of connection and familiarity.

Once the connection has been established, it would be wise to move the engagement from virtual to real world as soon as it feels right. Meeting someone in-person can either ignite the spark or help you realize they might not be the right fit. Either way, you're gaining clarity and moving forward.

Lastly, remember being 'ghosted' is not a statement about your worthiness. It happens to literally everyone on the apps  regardless of gender, attractiveness or other characteristics. 

The key here is to not dwell on it. If one match doesn't pan out, remember that there are plenty more profiles waiting to be explored. Your next like or match could be just a swipe away.

In Conclusion

To wrap things up, being successful on Tinder doesn't have to be nerve-wracking. By incorporating the right combination of personal information, a unique bio, and attractive yet honest pictures, getting more likes and matches on your Tinder profile isn't beyond reach. 

Remember, it's all about showcasing your personality genuinely. Letting people know about your interests, your age, and even your height helps to paint a picture of you, aiding in attracting those who share similar interests.

Moreover, while there's no harm in exploring premium subscriptions, remember to manage your expectations. They can be quite expensive and might not necessarily guarantee a surge in matches. Focus more on enhancing your profile and being active on the app. 

Finally, the crux is to enjoy the process, not just focus solely on the end result. After all, it's not every day where you get the chance to meet different people from different walks of life, right from your handheld device.

If you're looking to boost your odds on other dating apps such as Hinge, check out our guide to help craft the perfect prompts to get you the likes on your profile that you deserve.   

Best of luck on your dating endeavors!

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