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  • Message tailoring service to craft the perfect response
  • Step-by-step guide to improve dating outcomes

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What is Adept Dating

Let's face it - dating apps suck for most people. Nearly 70% of users dislike the experience. But imagine having a dedicated team of experts working to ensure your success in the dating world?

Adept Dating is a community where members get exclusive, one-on-one access to the pros who feed you the cheat codes to get you the right swipes you deserve on your profile.

Additionally, when you become a part of our community, you'll gain access to our extensive guide that takes you from creating an appealing profile to excelling on your first date, with thorough coverage of everything in between!

Expert Consultation

  • Profile evaluations

    Profile evaluations with actionable insights

  • Message tailoring service

    Message tailoring service to bring flair in your in-app chats

  • Third-party

    Third-party sounding board on your dating experiences

  • Constructive feedback

    Constructive feedback on in-app conversations

what's included

Guide to Online Dating

  • Easy to understand

    Easy to understand step by step process to improve your odds

  • 80+ academic  studies and surveys

    Includes findings from 60+ academic studies and surveys

  • interviews with women

    Features interviews with women actively using the apps

  • Dozen of visuals

    Dozen of visuals to explain concepts and strategies


Hear From Our Community

Based on 24 reviews

Ight for being on tinder for jus a couple hours now

Quick Turnaround

Redid my profile and almost instantly starting getting a lot more likes. Got two dates lined up back to back for this weekend!


Rebuilt my profile and maxed out the number of likes before I even had a chance to finish my learning swipes on Bumble. Now just to convert these to dates lol

Walking through real conversations and sharing the logic on what to do when was helpful in shaping my own strategy

Generally Pretty Good

While not traditionally a reader I enjoyed the ~4 hours it took me to read through the material. I like the author's take on dating in general and they addressed a lot of the questions I had been secretly wondering ever since I downloaded Tinder. Took off one star since you probably wouldn't get as many matches as they advertise unless you live in an urban area (I don't think there's even 500+ people that fit my criteria in my small town 😂)

Surprisingly Good

Honestly I thought this would be trash but it actually covers just about every question regarding the apps and how to line up a bunch of dates

fairly helpful

there is some insight on how the algorithm functions (chess analogy is great) but I imagine this will change as time progresses. interested to see how the content continues to update

A bit more

Lots of good content but I think there should be more material on subsequent dates (e.g. date number 2,3,4 etc..) as the guide really just gets you through the first 1-2. Yes there's probably more variability at this point but content on how to keep the other party interested after a few weeks would be helpful. Overall good read though and I was able to make some changes to my profile that seem to be doing well based on the last few days.


Got a date lined up this weekend!

This is a pretty good overview on the entire dating process. Live video demonstrations would be a cool addition.

Not bad

The material in the copy I received was relatively short and to the point, I got through the book over the course of this weekend. Some more example conversations might be helpful but there were enough for me to generally understand the approach.

Easy read

Overall a fairly short read that I completed in a single day. Pieces like the pricing of subscriptions vary to what I get but being in a different country that is expected. The author's tone is light and enjoyable, some of the takeaways I was already familiar with but the algorithm appears to function differently than what I was thought. Will try some tweaks to my profile and update my review based on the results.

Book could probably be shortened by 10-20 pages. Select parts (e.g. "Are we dating the same guy" Facebook group) ramble on a bit. Other sections have pieces of interesting knowledge but I found myself jumping around a little bit throughout my read.

Four stars

Would have liked more example of profile pictures but there are some interesting nuggets shared throughout the book.

Nice quick read. Comparing chess rankings to how the algorithm ranks a profile was certainly eye-opening.

Fresh Perspective

Look let’s be honest, buying a book about dating apps feels a little weird. But I was happily surprised by the thoroughness of the content and how much was dedicated to the emotional toll and how to keep a positive attitude through the whole ordeal. Well done mates!


this is an actual book with some images included. thought it was a collection of graphics. I don't have time to read all that.

Pictures, Pictures, & Pictures

I thought I had a solid selection of pictures until I saw the examples provided and the logic behind building your “online brand.” Swapped out a couple of my older pictures using their recommendations and WOW, the impact on how many likes I’m receiving is incredible!

Late delivery

Ebook wasn't delivered for some reason. Emailed support and they sent me a copy about 12 hours later but wanted to read through it tonight.

General Life Advice

While the main topic is online dating, there's a lot of great content on how to set yourself up for success outside of Tinder. You can't expect your partner to be great if you aren't putting the work in yourself.

Succinct Advice

Quick and to the point read, doesn't dwell too long on topics that aren't relevant. While people who have spent many years on the apps (myself included) will be familiar with some of the tips on profile construction, the insight on how the algorithm works is unique to anything I’ve seen elsewhere. Only recently updated my profile but already getting more matches than before.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I have more success on the apps?

When you sign up to Adept Dating you will receive clear instructions on how to join our community.

Upon joining, you will be able to submit direct requests to our team of experts who will provide one-on-one evaluations on your profile and help craft the perfect messages for your matches.

As a member of our community you will also get access to our comprehensive book which covers all the essentials to get you prepared to crush the apps.

What topics are covered in the book?

As with all improvement strategies, we begin with a proper self-evaluation of your profile & dating priorities to establish a baseline.

Then we share recommendations for your day-to-day life so we can bring your best self to the dating world.

With health habits in place, we walkthrough the construction of a high performing profile, everything from the filters you apply to the content that gets people to swipe right and match with your profile.

A match though, is only an invitation to chat. We share effective in-app etiquette that is designed to help you quickly transition matches into in-person dates.

Finally, we cover strategies to properly evaluate dates and improve your in-person dating skills.

All together, we provide an all-inclusive framework that prepares you for online dating, and walks you through each step to ultimately crush the first date and beyond.

Who is this service for?

Our services are designed for men who are looking to improve their outcomes in the competitive world of online dating. The input our expert's provide and written materials are applicable for both novices and advanced dater.

We do not provide content for men looking to play manipulative games. Strategies that perversely misguide others have no place in our community.

How much input can I receive?

Our experts genuinely enjoy helping daters in our community build confidence, improve their app presence, and go on successful dates.

To ensure our experts have adequate time to provide personalized feedback to all members, we are limited in the number of requests we can provide each member of our community.

At this time community members are eligible to receive one in-depth review of their profile a month. We request that members limit their additional feedback & message tailoring requests to 10 per month to allow us to equitably serve everyone in the community.

If you feel you need additional support, please reach out to our support email so we can determine the best solution for your situation.

Refund policy

If there is a problem with your order delivery and you are unable to gain access to our community, we will provide a full refund.

However, due to the investment required for our experts to operate along with the digital nature of our written materials, we do not provide refunds to our service.

We do however offer hassle-free cancelations of any subscription. Instructions to cancel your subscription are listed with the FAQ in our community space. Cancelations are processed instantaneously however you will still be granted access until your subscription period is over.

If you have any any questions please feel free to reach out to us at