Frequently Asked Questions

How can I have more success on the apps?

Once you complete your purchase you will receive an automatic email with a download link the latest copy of our ebook.

Your purchase entitles you to all future editions of our manuscript which is constantly being updated to provide our readers with the latest recommendations for their dating endevours.

What topics are covered?

As with all improvement strategies, we begin with a proper self-evaluation of your profile & dating priorities to establish a baseline.

Then we share recommendations for your day-to-day life so we can bring your best self to the dating world.

With health habits in place, we walkthrough the construction of a high performing profile, everything from the filters you apply to the content that gets people to swipe right and match with your profile.

A match though, is only an invitation to chat. We share effective in-app etiquette that is designed to help you quickly transition matches into in-person dates.

Finally, we cover strategies to properly evaluate dates and improve your in-person dating skills.

All together, we provide an all-inclusive framework that prepares you for online dating, and walks you through each step to ultimately crush the first date and beyond.

Who is this service for?

Our materials are designed for men who are looking to improve their outcomes in the competitive world of online dating. The input our expert's provide and written materials are applicable for both novices and advanced dater.

We do not provide content for men looking to play manipulative games. Strategies that perversely misguide others have no place in our community.

I've found my person, now what?

We love hearing about our reader's success!

Please send us an email or DM on any of our social media platforms to be considered for our running raffles of successful stories from the apps!

Can we collaborate?

It's an absolute honor when readers want to share our materials with others. And we want to ensure you are compensated for that act of generosity!

Please send us an email at to learn more about our affiliate program.